Thursday, March 26, 2015

#amwriting Want to meet Jackson from Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness?

A chance to refresh your memory... Dylan and Caitlin meet.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don't like spoilers and haven't read Defeat the Darkness or Conquer the Highland Beast, go read them.

Now an excerpt where Jackson...and Caitlin try to work through their dilemma in Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness

I want to feed you, Jackson. No more going off to hunt and take blood from—”
“You jealous, cher?" He leaned in the shadows with that maddening sneer.
Caitlin shrugged. “Just concerned.”
"I'm not feeding from anyone." The expression on  his face softened when he looked at her. "The idea repulses me. Dylan left me a small supply. My wolf is satisfied with the boar I hunt in the bayou and the cook staff makes a damn good shrimp jambalaya.” He grinned unexpectedly and she almost smiled back, but couldn't.
“I want you to make love to me while you feed. No exchange. No bond. Just sex and my blood.” Caitlin was tired of fighting her feelings.
Cher, you know I shouldn't feed from you until we have sex. Until I get that out of my system, you're not safe around me. Anyway, I don't know if I'll be able to keep from binding you if I feed directly from you.” Jackson visibly trembled with the effort to hold back. “We agreed—”
“We agreed we wouldn't betray Dylan by binding. He knew we'd be incapable of physically denying everything else. Isn't that why he left?”
“Yes, but feeding and sex?" He glanced aside. "I don't think I can handle both." 
“I've fed from your throat, and you handled that.”
“Barely," he spit out. "The wrist was hard enough--I thought I'd lose it before you finished. Then when you fed from my neck the beast inside me wanted to devour you. Trust me, cher, having my mate suck at my throat had me hard and my wolf desperate. Let's take one step at a time. I don't know about taking your blood and sex. 
Since his damn self-control was the only thing preventing them from being together, his admission sent a thrill of satisfaction through her. Her need for both her mates pounded at her incessantly, and without Dylan the pain was like being beaten with hammers. She wasn't sexually satisfied feeding as she had been. Who was satisfying Jackson's needs? 
“How do you...uh…handle...the frustration?” Jealousy crept into her thoughts.
 “I don't." He grunted. "I go to the bayou and wrestle gators.”
“What?” Incredulous, she asked, “You wrestle gators while you're in human form?”
“See, that's the mistake almost everyone makescher. I'm never human.” His snarl proved that truth when his fangs protruded beyond his lips. “I'm as much, if not more, vampire than you, plus shape shifter and werewolf. Pfsst, the gator was just a little fun.”
“Fun?” Caitlin didn't hold back her giggle. She shook her head and took his hand. “Come on, I have to get my mind off 'me', if you know what I mean? Work might help. I feel like a sitting duck.
"Where are we going?" Jackson didn't move.
"Hunting.  Go with me to the bayou near where we found the demons. I want to see if I can pick up any residual vibes."
He was already shaking his head before he gripped both her wrists, lifted them above her head, and slammed her against the wall. "No, cher," he snarled as his body trapped her and his warm breath brushed feathered over her neck right below her ear. "While I live, you are not going to put yourself in harm's way."
"No?" Caitlin lifted her head from the wall. "Stop me."
He touched his for head to hers. She turned aside exposing her throat. The scent of fear swirled around them. His not hers. She knew he'd never harm her, but apparently he didn't.
Jackson's fangs, which had almost completely receded, slid back into place. He stared at her pulse before he looked up, and Caitlin saw worry in his eyes. With his mind locking her out, she couldn't do anything to reassure him except press herself closer against him and wait. 
He needn't have worried. When the first taste of blood hit him Jackson lowered his guards.  The inevitable happened. Their minds entwined like tendrils of smoke, and he poured all his frustration and lust into his thoughts, overtaking her senses. 
All Caitlin could do was grin, knowing she'd won this battle. "There'll be no need for gator wrestling tonight."
"Oh, cher, I could be a danger to you."
"Really? Have you met my inner fae? No? Now she's someone your wolf should worry about."
Caitlin sent the vision of her wings and hair and all that erotic faerie dust...
Jackson withdrew his fangs, licked the puncture wounds at her throat as a growl sounded, deep and low in his chest. "You test my control at every juncture, cher." 
Before she could argue, he traced away.
"You've got that right, cher." Then Caitlin heard laughter in her head and saw an image of a gator. 
He couldn't fight this forever. The wolf wouldn't let him. Besides, he had to feed her.
"Next time," she warned him. 

Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness -- Coming April 30th 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Authors...If You Really Want to Get Published - Read This

From the Editor's Desk

Besides being a multi-published author, I lead another separate life as an editor for an electronic publisher. To preface this advice, you should know I love editing and helping other authors develop their careers, (and with a large GRIN on my face), I take pride in each success I've played a small part in along the way. If this information helps anyone then pay it forward. Share your success by pulling someone with you up the steep incline.

Submission Advice:

One thing I've noticed about submissions (which sometimes tells more about the author than the manuscript) is how the guidelines are followed. So if you are thinking about submitting to anyone, anywhere, read this first...because editors know every manuscript comes with an author attached.

In school each teacher repeated, "Read and follow the directions before beginning..." and now I think, Great advice. If only more people paid attention to details. (To this day, when I shove a boxed microwave dish in to warm before reading the instructions, I think, I've done it a million times. What could be different? Then my conscience kicks in. I pull it out, read the directions, and sometimes discover the directions have changed.) 

Moving forward in life there are similar examples. Therefore, when something is vitally important to you, SHOW it. Remember "Show don't tell" from every writers' advice column you ever read? It's the same when submitting. If you don't understand the concept of SHOW DON'T TELL this is a perfect example. 

"Talk is cheap." Prove it. Show me. Cliche after cliche can be applied here for good reason. Cliches are tried and true. (Ha-ha again.) 

In your query letter, you can TELL me how important your book is, how many times you've edited your manuscript, how well you work well with others (your critique partners), or how you'll cooperate with your editor. But SHOWing is more effective. The QUERY letter shows all that if you know how to follow directions.

Carefully check the company submission guidelines, (which includes being familiar with what the company publishes) and take the submission process seriously (every step of the way). 

The true reflection of how you feel about your career, your book, and the person you are submitting to will show when you follow the guidelines carefully and COMPLETELY.

  • Don't get sloppy.
  • Don't skip steps.
  • First impressions do count.
  • Pick the right publisher for your book!

This is your chance to present yourself and your book in the best light. Clean your book 'til it glows like a shiny new penny. A well-groomed manuscript SHOWs you care about it and take pride in a job well done. It also SHOWs the effort you put into your writing. 

Then, all that effort will be rewarded because the person you submit to will see you cared enough to make it the best it could be, and hopefully will take you and your book more seriously when they make that important decision.

All that being said, a rejection doesn't mean you failed to do all this correctly. It means this publishing world is subjective, and the impression of a book is the result of very personal taste. You (pointing a finger at YOU) KNOW that's true! So do NOT be discouraged. 

Revise. Submit. Revise. Submit. Revise. Submit. And keep writing. If you've done your homework...according to directions...the A+ will be that contract.

Happy submitting!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be Strong - Be Bold - Be Brave...when you write!

Today is the day when I think about writing and wonder why I do it. If I write for myself I shouldn't be bothered by less than stellar reviews, or not enough of them, or not being on the NY Times best seller list, but as hard as I try to hold back my competitive nature I can't. [Giggle]

I love seeing my author friends' success, every step of the way. Honestly, when I was younger I might have been jealous. Now, I just want to get there, too. In fact, if I think about their success it gives me hope. The way authors help each other out is a team effort, pulling each other and pushing to the top. It's always a pleasure to share. Because each of us is writing our own thing it isn't a competition, it's a team effort to rise to the top. There's room and we can bounce off each other.

Have a great month. See you next insecure Wednesday and until then be strong, be bold, be brave!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

#iamwriting You May Ask "What Are you Doing? Where's That Next Book? Update!

Update as of February 2015 -  Today is the OFFICIAL release day for the NEW EDITION of Sultry Santorini Sunsets. Check/Done

To answer those questions, I'll have to preface my answer with, "I do have a full time editing job, and all those authors' books come first." If you figure out how to expand the twenty-four hour day let me know so I can have more time to play with my WsIP and my own scrumptious heroes. In the mean time, I'm squeezing writing time out of time I should be cleaning (Ha! Who cares?) or sleeping (I can sleep when my muse stops speaking!)

So for anyone interested, here is a list of my works in progress. I can't make any promises, except for the first one. My priority for now is: DAMN THE DARKNESS book 3 in the Hearts of Darkness series (which should be read in order but do have a completed HEA) for those of you who want romantic satisfaction.

Yes, I'm finalizing the edits and formatting for DAMN THE DARKNESS due out April 30th 2015. Sorry for the delay, but it just needed a bit more story.

While doing that, I'm working on a secret project this week and hope to have something to tell you about it in May. And there's still outlining to be done for the SciFi distopian book I started for NaNoWriMo. As ideas come to me I get right to it.

The 4th book in the Hearts of Darkness is in the planning phase. I have a few new characters to add and a few old ones whose stories need to be told. Who doesn't want to know what Ramon is? Who can't wait to see Max convince the demoness/halfling he's right for her? And OMG, don't you just want to rub yourself all over that cajun wolf, Garr? So many men, too many choices! Where to start?

Must go to work now. Hugs! ~~~Eliza

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Damn the Darkness coming April 2015 . . . SPECIAL ...

Eliza March Writes: Damn the Darkness coming April 2015 . . . SPECIAL ...: Hearts of Darkness, Series - Books 1-3 Defeat the Darkness , the first book, introduces you to the three main characters who all beli...

The #release of Sultry Santorini Sunsets is today at SMASHWORDS

The newest release of  Sultry Santorini Sunsets will be available on February 25th. This time it will be available from CreateSpace in trade paperback for $5.99, for those of you who still like to hold a real book, and as an ebook from most of the regular distributors within the week for $2.99.

I don't care how many books I self publish, it never gets easier. Or maybe I'm getting more particular. If you like highly erotically charged fiction, this is for you. It's a story about how sensual sex takes on a whole different aspect when emotions begins to creep in. Go read a sample at SMASHWORDS for Free.

Erotic Fantasy Romance. 

A modern day woman, tired of the publicity of being internationally famous, decides she wants to desired for who she is not as a stepping stone to success for some man. She disguises herself and escapes the banking world on Santorini where her idea of the world as she knew it, is turned upside down. The question is -- will she shuck off her old beliefs and take a chance when she encounters not one fantastic lover but three men who claim to be the gods of Atlantis, three emotionless warriors, pledged to sensuality, who are seeking redemption and salvation . . . Is she the woman they're been seeking for 3,000 years?

Three thousand years ago, six warriors of Atlantis pledged themselves to the Goddess of Sensuality, exchanging emotions for heightened senses and immortality to protect what remained of their lost world. Three went in search of their lost emotions and became unredeemable, but the others maintained honor and, with help from their leader, became the Gods of Atlantis who are promised the return of their emotions one day.

Responsibility always stood in the way of physical pleasure, until Miranda escapes to Santorini. When three sensual men offer themselves up as lovers, she decides to make up for lost time. Soon emotions infiltrate the men's souls, and they believe she's the one woman capable of fulfilling their destiny. Can they convince her to share their love and lives for all eternity? Will she believe their fantastic tale and trust them enough to make the final commitment? Will she accept the immortality they offer and their bonds? And can this sexual adventure possibly offer love everlasting between all four of them?