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Caster's Unfriendly Ghost from Alicia Dean - Hauntings in the Garden Anthology #Rafflecopter

Caster's Unfriendly Ghost
Author's Website: Alicia Dean

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 A year after her husband’s death, Emily Tillman is ready to start dating again, and hopefully, find what she’s always wanted—marriage and children. But the man who broke her heart five years ago is back. And he’s anything but the marrying kind. 

Confirmed bachelor Reese Caster is perfectly content with his life—and he’s finally over Emily, the one woman who almost made him commit. Now, his world is rocked when her dead husband shows up, demanding that Reese pursue Emily to keep her out of the clutches of her latest suitor—a jerk who is only after her money. 

Being around Emily again has made Reese reconsider his bachelor life style. But now that the threat of the other man is gone, the pesky ghost wants Reese to break things off. Can he and Emily find the love they were denied, or will the ghost of her dead husband destroy their chances? 

“Emily is the kind of woman you have to take things slowly with.”
“Sure, if this was real. But you have to step it up, turn on the charm. You need to show you care, that you know her, buy her things that she loves. Her favorite flowers are white roses, she loves dark chocolate, and her favorite wine is Merlot. You need to move in on her, hard.”
Caster gave a humorless laugh and shook his head. “Do you hear yourself? You were her husband, for God’s sake. Have some respect.”
Joey’s face flushed. “I do respect her. That’s why I don’t want this asshole putting one over on her. She deserves to find someone who will truly love her and give her the things I couldn’t.”
A note of pain in his voice almost made Caster feel sorry for him. But not as sorry as he felt for the family who lost a loved one less than half an hour ago. “Listen, I’ve performed back to back surgeries today, and had my night capped off by an emergency surgery that ended with a young girl’s death. So, you’ll understand why I’m not in the mood for this right now.”
“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about that. My concern is with Emily. And I need you to follow through with your end of the deal.”
“Deal, my ass. You blackmailed me into going along with this bullshit. Well, I’m out. I’ll finish the haunted forest thing, but no more of this romancing Emily crap. I can’t use her like that, I can’t break her heart again.”
“Break her heart? You sound pretty sure she’ll fall for you. My, my. Someone’s full of himself.”
Caster stood and stalked to the door. “Look, I don’t know if she will or not, I just know I can’t do this any longer. You can destroy everything I own, keep me up every night for the rest of my life, but I’m done.”
He put his hand on the door, but Joey’s voice stopped him. “I’ll tell her.”
Caster paused and turned to face him. “You’ll what?”
“Not only will I continue to screw with you, even on the job, but I’ll appear to Emily, tell her about our little scheme. What do you think she’ll think of you then?”
“You’re bluffing. You wouldn’t hurt her like that.”
Joey shook his head and closed his eyes. When he opened them, they were suspiciously damp. “I don’t want to. But I’ll do anything to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life.”
Caster let out a resigned sigh and shook his head. “Nah, getting mixed up with the two of us was the biggest mistake of her life.”

Thanks Alicia for sharing this book with us today! Don't forget to enter below for a chance to  WIN a $25.oo Gift Certicifate from The Wild Rose Press.

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Unlocked Treasure: Hauntings in the Garden from the Wild Rose Press #Rafflecopter

Available from The Wild Rose Press   Barnes & Noble  and  Amazon

Will a prophecy keep a lonely woman from accepting the promise of adventure?
Aleen MacRae blames the lure of the sea for breaking apart first her family then her engagement. When her interest is caught by a man she sees both in person and in a dream, she resists—afraid to believe in her aunt’s prediction that her future is tied to the sea.
Braden Williams is on the hunt for treasure buried centuries earlier by Rhode Island pirates. His search brings him to the property where Aleen lives. Collaboration on genealogy research draws them closer, and Braden steers her toward his true passion--sailing.
Attending a party with Braden’s family lets her glimpse what she’s been missing. An unexpected discovery before her date with Braden at the Halloween Midnight Organ Recital forces a decision. Will Aleen play things safe or accept what this free-spirited man offers?

Ah, the story of her life—practically invisible. The reminder his first sighting had been of her bikini-clad backside made her blush. Still didn’t change the facts. Aleen squared her shoulders. “I remember, but the Manor grounds are still closed.” Should she be nervous about being alone with this stranger, especially one who ignored posted rules?
“Sorry for the intrusion. Let me start over.” Smiling, he approached and extended his right hand. “My name’s Braden Williams.”
Aleen bit her lower lip, but accepted his hand. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Aleen MacRae.” At the moment their hands clasped, she felt warmth flooding her fingers. With a jerk, she released her grip, tingling sensations running along her skin. Immediately, the scent of fresh air and summer breezes wafted her way. Definitely a man of the sea. Just where I foretold your future lies. Whispers of her great-aunt Zsofika’s prophecy trickled through Aleen’s thoughts. At the memory, her cheeks flamed with heat.
“Wow.” Frowning, Braden flexed his hand and narrowed his gaze then dropped it to his flexing fingers. “That was bizarre.”
“Static electricity, from all that wind yesterday.” A reasonable explanation. In the back of her mind, Aleen could hear Zsofika scoff, “Static schmatic. A connection like that is destiny.”
“Well…” His gaze searched her face. “Aleen—hey, that’s pretty, like the direction alee.” A wide smile exposed even teeth.
Her own smile dimmed. Like I’ve never heard that before. “Thanks.” This guy was not charming his way around the rules. “Sorry, but you’ll need to come back when the gardens are open for visitors. That’s Wednesdays through—”
“Yeah, I read the sign.” He gave a dismissive wave then turned to gaze back at the main house. “But I just needed five minutes to check out some dimensions and the lot layout.”
“So, you woke up this morning and just decided to start out your week by trespassing?”

Thank you Linda for sharing your book with us today!

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Hauntings in the Garden from The WIld Rose Press #Rafflecopter

My release Witch's Tattoo is part of the TWRP 
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The Wild Rose Press
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Eliza March asks ...Can there be a happily ever after for a #menage ?

Once upon a time...there were two men who fell in love with the same  woman and she learned to love them both in return... Menage a trois... Can there be a happily ever after?

Several menage books later I'm asking my readers this question. I think the answer is: As possible as any other relationship can be. But since I usually write fantasy menages, there's often something bigger than their personal feelings on the table. Some prophecy needs to be fulfilled, the fate of the world looms dark as they make their decision, or the death of one beloved member is at stake. Life and death or world destruction ups the ante, and if the three people involved can come to terms with more is better, then the logistics and petty jealousy must be put aside for the greater good.

In my present work I'm letting the characters determine their outcome. No matter what happens with the plot, they'll still have to decide if their relationships with each other will allow for a menage ending. They haven't come to terms with the solution ... YET. I need to give them a little incentive.

Do you think three's a crowd?

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Urban Fantasy Author, J.C. McKenzie Rafflecopter

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The Shucker's Booktique

(A Lobster Cove Series Book)
The Wild Rose Press

J.C. McKenzie

Series Name: Lobster Cove
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press             
Editor: Lara Parker
Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor of DCA Graphics
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, supernatural
SubGenre(s): Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Rating: Spicy (PG13)
Keywords: Shifter, Paranormal, Fae, Urban Fantasy
Page Count: 115
Word Count: 27346
Digital Price: 2.99
Digital ISBN 978-1-62830-659-0

COPYRIGHT © 2014 by J. C. McKenzie

After her fiancé dumps her and her beloved Aunt Jenny goes missing, Willa Eklund travels to Lobster Cove with a broken heart to search for Jenny while running her bookstore. When a mysterious man visits the Shucker's Booktique on a stormy night drenched in rain and covered in mud, Willa's heart melts under his stormy gaze. She wants Lon and the answers he may have, but he also has a secret. Can Willa trust him?

Lon Devlin is a Tempest, a water sprite who can only take a human form during stormy nights. He rides the waves, lives by the tides, and nothing can hold him down, not even a beautiful woman. When he visits his mortal friend, he discovers she's missing and her intriguing niece has taken her place. He wants Willa, but he also wants answers. What happened to Jenny?

Thump! Thump! Thump!
No! She gasped. It couldn’t be. The banging on the front door of the booktique had to be a figment of her imagination. She couldn’t will Lon into existence. Why would he come back? Especially if he was involved. Unless…cold ice prickled up her spine…unless he needed to eliminate her to take care of loose ends.
No. Crazy thoughts, Willa. He could’ve taken care of her the night before. No, her heart hammered against her chest for a different reason. But it didn’t matter. The knocking on the door wouldn’t, couldn’t be him.
Thump! Thump! Thump!
Could it? She clutched her hot mug in both hands and turned toward the doorway leading to the bookstore. From the kitchen in the back room, she had a clear view through the store to the front door, but not who stood on the other side.
“Willa!” Lon growled. “Wake up and let me in!”
Willa gasped and almost dropped her cup. The tea sloshed around and some spilled over her hands. It burned, but she didn’t move. She couldn’t breathe. Somehow the air got trapped inside her throat. Why was he here? What did he want?
Oh God, let it be me!

About the Author 

Born and raised on the Haida Gwaii, off the West Coast of Canada, J.C. McKenzie grew up in a pristine wilderness that inspired her to dream. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

Shift Happens (Carus Series, Book 1), Available Now from The Wild Rose Press Coming Soon... Beast Coast (Carus Series, Book 2), The Wild Rose Press 

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Writers: Elevate Your Concept

After a weekend retreat with Larry Brooks ( and the authors from TARA my local RWA chapter, I think I may have the answer to being stuck. I also have to thank author, Linda Bleser who took some additional time to listen through my concerns and made a brilliant observation that caused the problem to unravel and my forward momentum to fall into place based on Larry Brook's book Story Physics.

While we were all deciding whether we were pantsers or plotters, I decided I fell somewhere in the middle. I need the freedom to plan in my head before I start, but I can't write without structure. Of all the different advice I've read, the one thing I took away from this weekend was about elevating each part of the structure to a "stellar" level (...or at least half of the points) rather than being satisfied with "good."

After years of being a reader, it's easy to fool yourself into believing you may be able to write without studying the craft, but once stuck there's nothing like knowing what you're doing to get it fixed. Hell, knowing is what helped me recognize something was wrong. Analyzing and evaluating is what helped me fix it...well, I'm starting to fix it. Next time, I'll begin with the structure and hopefully avoid this mess.

I'm off to work. I suggest you visit Larry Brooks at for some insightful writing advice.